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Added Latest News section.

Created yet another Blog.

Added a Tribute to Gula.

Created Tanith's Laboratory.

Added a couple of new items to my Publishing History.

Updated a couple of samples in Current Projects. Added to the Blog.

Added travel log for this year's Gen Con.

Added Peryton Publishing to Current Projects.

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Added pictures from Dover.




Current Projects
Stories I'm working on or seeking a publisher for, with links to excerpts. For some older, finished work, see below.

All About Me
My publishing credits, travel logs, picture, other web pages, and even some rants and useless observations in blog form.

Picutres by me, not of me. No sublime art here, just stuff I thought was cool. Among other things, this is your chance to see the dreaded chicken-cow for yourself.

Let It Go
This story is about pushing beyond pre-conceived limits and social instincts to find the real trancendental self. It was written by request for a super-hero magazine but the editor flaked out on me so here it is.

The Cthulhu Connection
This is a dating show parody based on the work of H.P. Lovecraft. It's much funnier if you've read "The Dunwich Horror" but still cute, I think.

Digital Howl, Part 3
This is part of a serial I ran awhile back in Samhain. This excerpt was also published in Transmog. Maybe you can still make sense of it by itself. I dunno.