Corrosive Strangeness


 Well, that's what it used to be, anyway. Now it's just links.


Willfully and Persistently
This is my blog and current personal home page, also known as

My MeWe Page
Wanna talk to me or network or something? Have at it.  

My Twitter Feed
Yeah, I do some tweeting. Mostly random thoughts and personal updates here. For more substantial posts, try the blog.

My Goodreads Profile
Keep up with books I'm reading or writing.

My Amazon Page
Buy my stuff!

Central access point for Qalidar-related projects.

The Nameless Way
The novel I'm working on now.

The Knights of Grog's
A long-defunct D&D campaign to which I will always have a sentimental attachment. This is where Ezren got his start.

The Old
The site that used to be here. Kept for nostalgia and hoarding purposes.

The Old
The movie review spoof site that used to be on the domain that now redirects here. I haven't done anything with it in forever, but all the old stuff is still there, so maybe you'll get a kick out of it.